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At Little Black Books we provide Virtual CFO services to business owners we help to improve your confidence, clarity and reduce uncertainty in your business. Let us help you build a great business so you can have a great lifestyle.

At Little Black Books, we are your trusted business advisors and we find better ways to do business.  


Hello! I'm Sarah

We offer bookkeeping packages that help you grow your business and achieve your goals, providing financial support and monthly check ins. e are specialists in cash flow strategies, Xero training and work closely with creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses who are ready to grow, both in Auckland and New Zealand wide. If this sounds like what you need, we would love to hear from you.




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There are many causes of poor cashflow - download the top 7 to kick start your business and gain some quick wins  




Looking at your numbers

How does your business make you feel?  Anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, uncertain?  Do you know if your compliant?

The truth is, having accurate, reliable and up to date records is the foundation of your business. 

We can not only help you with that but we love to do it for you!

Make business decisions backed by accurate and stress free records by bringing in a bookkeeper and giving you back your time and confidence.

Working smarter not harder.  



Yes please!



Looking forward

What you did before may not be helping you now.

This is the bigger picture approach that goes beyond looking at your numbers. This is writing a map strategically for your business with marked milestones along the way. 

Have you ever set out to start a project and not finished? This is where our accountability sessions keep you on track so you achieve what you set out to achieve.

I know first hand that motivation can only get you so far, knowing your why and purpose moves the needle. Let us help you with that.  



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Meet Sarah

The director of Little Black Books.

'I have spent 15 years as a management accountant in telecommunications and hedge funds, when we started our family I wanted to do things a bit differently and step out of corporate.

One of my core values is family first and balance, while I don't get it right all the time it's what I believe all businesses need and want. And that's why it's a core value of Little Black Books as well.

We help you grow a better business and a better lifestyle, we give you technical advice, reliable numbers and where you can outsource your accounting too, especially if your behind and feeling overwhelmed with Xero!

We are a team of business advisors and bookkeepers, when you work with us, you will walk away with a well thought out plan and gain confidence and clarity in your numbers. So you can have a better business, and a better lifestyle. 

To see if we are a good fit, lets first have a discussion. This is a no obligation chat to learn a bit more about each other and see how we can help your business. 




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