Cashflow Forecasting

A Forecasting session helps proactive business owners understand the uncertainty and risks currently within their industries.


The forecasting tools we produce will help determine what the potential impacts could be if you do nothing, but also what actions can you take now to mitigate those risks.

What’s Involved?

A Forecasting session is about bringing as much certainty to business owners – in a very uncertain world – through forecasting and modelling.

During a 4 hour workshop, we work to understand the key numbers behind your business -what drives your revenue, margins, cost of sale and overheads. We analyse your historical trends and really get into the detail on what these numbers mean.

We work through what specifically is happening in your industry right now, whether you operate as a service or product based business – supply chain constraints, labour shortages, price increases or general impacts on demand due to Covid and lockdowns. We consider what direction your business is heading in, what are the key risks and opportunities present within that current environment and future state.

We dive deep into what the cost would be to your business if you do nothing about these risks, and what decisions you can make to future proof your business. The forecast we produce will detail the level of investment required to mitigate risks, and we can test future financial impacts to your profit if those risks come to pass.

We look at opportunities – and use the forecast to show you the result of your decision-making and business investment. This allows you to stress-test your business and provides an escape plan for dealing with uncertainty moving forward.

A Forecasting session includes:

  • Prework by the business owner
  • 1 x 4hr in person workshop to set the forecast and talk through scenarios
  • 3 x 2hr check-ins throughout the year to review progress and update the forecast as required, delivered via Zoom/Google Hangouts
  • Updatable forecast produced in Excel or Google Sheets